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Your business or organization depends on functional technology and web presence. The success of your endeavors rides on the security of your networks. GlacialEscape ensures your technology and security systems work together, creating a solid foundation for your success.

We leverage 30+ years of combined experience supporting government, business, and personal IT networks, guiding technical projects from concept to implementation and providing attentive customer service, and couple this background with our desire to help you succeed. Learn more about our team, or send us an email; we’d love to talk to you about your technology needs.

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Is My Wireless Network Fast & Secure?
Are you still using the default wireless network configuration installed by your internet service provider? Let us help you upgrade your security and ensure your home or small business internet is safe for all of your digital needs, while also optimizing your network for speed and performance.
Is My Vacation Rental Network Safe?
Offer your visitors security and speed.

According to a recent article on The Guardian, the typical AirBnB home network is likely to be less secure than coffee shop Wi-Fi, hotel internet or other public networks.

This leaves you — and your visitors — vulnerable to identity theft, malware, and other malicious activity.

If you rent your home through AirBnB, VRBO, or even directly to a tenant, your network may be your biggest liability. We will configure and secure your network, increase your internet speed and reliability, and offer a secure WIFI experience to your vacation rental clients.

Can You Bring WiFi To My Dock or Workshop?
Many  internet users experience inconsistent or spotty service throughout their home. Don’t settle for poor signal; we can survey your network and recommend and install products to amplify your signal or bring coverage to neglected parts of your property, including outdoor areas like your dock or patio.
Is My Home Automation Secure?
Between home alarm systems, video surveillance cameras, and digital thermostats & climate control programs, you may have numerous consumer products running on your home network. These programs offer convenience, but also inherent security flaws and bandwidth consumption. We can survey your home automation programs to recommend and implement solutions. If you’re not using home automation products, let us help you design and install the right systems to optimize your home.
What Are The IT Requirements For My New Construction Project?
Ensure your new home is scoped and built to accommodate your networking needs. This is particularly important if you have a home office and need guaranteed performance and enhanced digital capabilities. We will work with your building team to fulfill your needs and ensure your construction plans for future technological advancements.
Can You Build My Website?
Whether you want to refresh your business or personal website or start from scratch, we offer a range of affordable packages to create the website you need. We’ll work with you throughout the entire process and make sure your website is the best reflection of your corporate or personal identity.
What About Web Hosting?
We work with a range of affiliates to offer the right website hosting solution for you. Let us manage the technical details so that you can focus on your blog or business.
I Have A Website - Now What?
Social Media Accounts are a critical representation of your business. Work with us to configure your accounts, ensure a seamless integration with your website or blog, and capture social-media ready images of your products, team, venue, or event. We also offer customized writing and editing services for your website, blog, newsletter, or marketing products.
I Need a New Computer...
We will work with you to diagnose your computer problems (Linux, Windows, Apple/iOS), recommend hardware/software upgrades, and conduct virus mediation or other services as necessary. Do you need a solution that you can’t find at the store? We will design and build custom computer(s) to fit your creative, gaming, or business needs.
Help! Something's Broken
Do you need general tech support? We work on retainer as well as providing one-time services. Give us a call, we’d love to help.